Brief Description:

I will be on the look for any working lady, to be compared to the cost of a standard house pet, funded by ODSP, very cute, 28 year old guy, addictions free, STD free, 420 friendly and in high school still.


Current Interests:

- Animal Rights
- Jiu-Jitsu
- Theatre Drama
- Space Exploration
- Discipline
- Stunt Driving


Childhood Path:

In 2002, I was joking around to my grade 8 friend and announced that I had offically chosen to be a computer nerd. Despite the rest of the sportie guys ready to partake in rugby and football at Lasalle, Secondary, I was trying to make advanced math my main priority so I could get high and work at microsoft after I completed high school. 2 years later I had found marijuana is where I had failed at life altoghether. If I could give a high school kid the best advice, it would be to not follow the others into the "Cool Stereotype".